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Straight from the horses mouth!

"Orion is a 16 year old Arab Gelding who I've had for coming up to 3 years.  I bought him wanting to get involved in Endurance Riding and in that time we've progressed from Novice to Open Level.  In Endurance, as well as many other activities, overall health of the horse is vital and that includes making sure his muscular structure is strong, in particular his back as he has to put up with me in the saddle for several hours at a time both in training and competition! Emily has been to visit Orion a few times now and I can always notice the difference when I get back on a couple of days later.  He feels more free in his movement and more forward going.  One of the best things from my point of view though is Emily's patience with Orion - he can be a real grumpy old man and when I first had him he wasn't adverse to biting or kicking out.  Emily took this all in her stride and gave him time to get used to her and the techniques and now when she comes you can see him visibly relax as he is treated.  I absolutely recommend Emily to anyone wanting a happier, healthier horse."  S. Winchester, Hampshire

"I have been using Emily for the last year and a half for my horses. And the change in them has been fantastic. My mare now keeps all 4 legs on the floor whilst in work. She is relaxed, content and has very even muscle development on both sides. Emily is so patient with her and my horse loves her - she laps up her treatment and feels fantastic afterwards even to the point she is relaxed and focussed and moves fantastically. I even use Emily on my youngster as she is growing at the rate of knots and is very playful so I use Emily to ensure that she is 100% how she should be.
I will not let other people work with my horses due to the fact that Emily is the only one that gives results in a kind, understanding and patient Way. She spends as long as the horse needs, she will not rush through  which benefits me and my horses and all round we have a lovely time. Happy horses, Happy owner." S. Eastleigh, Hampshire

"Emily has the most incredible touch, I had an extremely over sensitive horse who really hated people that he didn't know touching him. I had several disastrous treatment sessions with various people who he wouldn't / couldn't relax with or accept. From Emily's first visit, her affinity (well chosen name) with my horse was immediate and extraordinary - he is palpably happy to see her and relaxes and lets her in almost to the point of lying down! I can't recommend her highly enough - she has transformed a horse who could hardly accept touch to one who now has a loose and supple body" Z. Wilton, Wiltshire

"Emily has been treating my boys, since she qualified, she picks up on the smallest change, and has appropriate methods in her "tool box" to sort them out,  Her explanation of what she finds and how it could impact on the horse, and her advice on what to do makes understanding the whole process easy.  A big plus now is she is qualified to sort out the owners,  and you appreciate how the horse feels after a session,  Thank you from Walter and Eddie and their Mum." L. Salisbury, Wiltshire

"Super, friendly lady whose treatment is so relaxed, horses just chill out in her session Also gives you a detailed chart of what / how / when on your horse with advice. Thoroughly recommend." M, Winchester, Hampshire

"Emily Spry is amazing! She has helped me to rehab a few horses now and has been amazing with help and advice on exercises etc as well as her amazing work!" V, Alton, Hampshire

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