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I’ve been lucky enough to train with some fantastic individuals, companies and associations.


I believe that it is important to continue to develop, both as a person and on a professional level.

To date I have trained with; Equinenergy (Writtle College), Equine Holistic Training and Therapies, London Academy of Wellness, Brighton School of Holistic Therapies, Mo Cohen and Associates.


I have a really keen interest in biomechanincs and how our myofascial system interacts with the rest of our body to create movement and patterns of movement.

The use of myofascial release therapy to support rehabilitation, is just proving invaluable and truly amazing to witness and be a part of.”

Integrated Bodyworks was started by Emily Spry in 2010, as Affinity Equine Massage.


Emily is based in the New Forest on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border.


“I have been an animal lover from an early age – especially horses – which has always been a source of amusement in my family... None of us know where this has come from!


Being around such majestic beings on a daily basis, is both humbling and energising.

Better still, being able to support them to achieve comfort or a greater range of movement, is completely fantastic – I continue to be inspired and in awe of my clients.


I’ve competed and participated in many spheres of the equestrian world including; dressage, eventing, jumping, showing and RDA.

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