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Holistic Bodyworker for Horse and Rider


Our aim is to support horse and rider to work to their optimum abilities


No matter what level we are working at, we can always build on more useful patterns of movement.

Emily is able to support you throughout your journey – whether that’s during rehabilitation, maintenance for well-being, increase in workload or competition.


Emily specialises in:

- Myofascial Release Therapy

- Cranial Sacral Therapy

Meridian Line Therapy

She also offers: 

- Holistic Massage

- Sports Massage

- Aromatherapy Massage

- Herbalist Consultations


Suitable for any age and gentle enough to be used with minimal contraindications to medications, illness, disease and disability.


Emily is keen for owners to be able to support their own horses in-between sessions and offers workshops to accommodate this including; Basic Massage for Horse Owners Workshops and Painted Horse Workshops and Demonstrations.

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